Monday, 29 June 2015

Meanwhile, beanies

One day I was still contemplating the next topic for Blog Week and the next day it was the (end of ) the next month.

How does that happen?

Where did the days go???

The Summer Throw aka Projek Bohemia has long been finished - except for the ends...which is way I can really boast about it :-P
(where it started, and proof that it is actually finished)

So I did what I always do and that is Something Else.  In this instance, I made beanies:

First off, one for Sensei Lilian:

It was her birthday and she wanted something in black and white and "that green you're working with".  I said I refuse to do those colours but I'll do it in charcoal and she will like it. So I used Elle Classic Wool Blend for the charcoal, Drops Cotton Light in natural (frustration, frustration, the SPLITting!) and a little bit of lefover Vinnis Nikkim in Khaki.

I just recently made my first popcorns, so popcorns it had to have and I love making those!

And she loved the beanie. 

A Boy Beanie 

Completed at last was a beanie for little boy Michal whom I have promised something crocheted so long ago that I'm positively ashamed of myself.  So he gets this blue number in unlabelled handspun merino from either cowgirl blues of Karoo Moon. 

A Girl Beanie

Mich has a sister Lize who has been waiting even longer.  Mom said a slouchie would do, and stripey with pink (and I'm also not so fond of sugary pink), so it's more of a cerise with whatever matched.
And popcorns :-)

And while I'm procrastinating, a twistie:

Anneke had half the country making twisties last winter, so I had to catch up.  1 ball of King Cole Riot was enough, and I decided to make it in granny stripes instead of dc's.  I also made it a bit narrower, but higher, and quite like that. 

So now all of those are out of the way, I can go back to working away the ends working on the Cheap & Cheerful blanket start a new poncho knit something frog that knit something new...

But first, a hunting weekend.  It's school holidays! I promised myself I'd finish something during the holiday, so as also, the hooky will go along and be worked on next to the fire.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Pandora's boxes and bags - my crochet stuff

This is a Knit & Crochet Blog Week Post, hosted by Eskimimi Makes
- my crochet bag, caddy, box, basket...whatever it is that I use -

Today was one of days where you have appointments scheduled weeks ago, those biennial medical ones that you don't just quickly move, but then it turns out that it should also be the day that the dad of the house have to prepare for and depart to one of the hell-hottest places on earth, where people file their teeth and chew khat, and then when is a better day to drill holes and hang things on the wall and tie trees up and such?

I think tonight I might have a whiskey, or half a little white pill.
Or both :-P

So almost late, but back to the Blog Week topic of the day...

Around two years ago I wrote a post about the tools of my trade, which actually included a lot of what could be covered by today's topic.  I still use the little tin, but also an assortment of other containers for PHDs and WIP larger and smaller.

These lurk in the living room/kitchen of our house, or travel up and down with me on a daily basis:

The small mobile basket

I take this when I will have small snippets of time.  The pattern must be a no-brainer, therefor a cowl for school, in plain doubles.  Also in the basket - my prescription specs to drive with, a tiny plastic container with the vitamins I forgot to take in the morning, and a just completed washcloth at the bottom.  

The large mobile basket
The large basket comes along when I will have more time - an hour during the boys' judo class, on a longer roadtrip, sitting around somewhere.  Also an easy project, plain granny clusters in two colours, for my Cheap & Cheerful project. 

Mmm...what would this be?

I have a work corner upstairs, but I'm not going to run up and down every time I need another hook, or stitch holder, so this gem of a little suitcase found at the Hospice Shop in Pretoria, serves as a general hold-all and lives in the built-in bookshelf in the living room.
In there today:  some leftover Imagine yarn (need to take it upstairs to store properly), my Alek Arabesque star bunting, little bits of Colours of Grace and safely in its box - my nr 4 Illona Heritage Hook.


Then there is:

A pouch for my hooks

My sis gave me this pretty pouch - see the knitted patterns? I usually use it with one of my mobile projects, holding the hook, pair of scissors, maybe stitch holders etc, but when me made the move down south I placed all the hooks from my tin in here, in order to pack it better.  Some have returned to the tin, but in here you can still find...

...a whole pile of hooks!

Here's most of my Prym hooks, some KnitPro (the flat soft grips), some hooks that came free with magazines, the blue and red also a gift from Germany, the pink one is (was) my sister's plasticised stainless steel hook, her favourite one...until my Boxers got to it...I'm still searching for a replacement in every yarn shop I Eiffel Tower scissors from Typo (I have a golden pair as well), another tiny one with sharp ends, and a few stitch holders. 

Nothing gruesome, scandalous and/or surprising! But I must get my hooks back into their tin.  Maybe this weekend is a good time for some organising.

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